Rainwater Harvesting Cistern at Drexel Rec Center

The Drexel University’s Recreation Center is a multiple story building and associated public space at the northwest corner of 33rd and Market Streets in Philadelphia, PA. This facility has an 8000-ft3 RHC underneath a permeable rubber plaza. The total drainage area for this site is 53,940 ft2 which includes the roof of the existing Daskalakis Athletic Center (24,340 ft2), its roof addition (22,800 ft2), and the outdoor fitness plaza which is made of permeable rubber (6800 ft2). The rainwater collected on these roofs is conveyed to the RHC through a network of drainage pipes. The collected rainwater is used for toilet flushing in the men and women’s locker rooms at the Rec. Center.

Water level monitoring at the Rec. Center Cistern:

Water level data at the Rec. Center cistern is collected since February 2017 at 5-min intervals using a pair of HOBO U20-L pressure transducers (Onset Computer, Bourne MA USA), installed and suspended from access manholes at the permeable rubber plaza. The following figure shows the first monitoring cycle during winter and spring 2017.

Water level monitoring results in Rec Center from February 24, 2017 to April 27, 2017